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There are basically two major choices when it comes to listening to music that is in vogue with the latest trend. Either you have some sort of advanced musical gadget like an iPod, or you can use listen to your favorite songs on your mobile with an added support of mp3 and mp4 format. Instead of purchasing costly mobile phones with an advanced feature of music adaptability in it, you can even download free realtones of popular songs and play it in your mobile as mp3 realtones. If you are in search for a melodious realtone to accessorize your cell phone, then your search is over. Samsung realtones, alltel realtones, sprint realtones, motorola realtones and blackberry realtones have now invented a marvelous list of popular songs that can be selected as your mp3 realtone in your cell. These realtones are also termed as true realtones because they are installed in an absolute original form with no changes in it. You can replace the monotonous tune of a monophonic realtone with that of a trendy realtone if you possess the feature of GPRS in your cell phone. Be the first one to download these songs or select the suitable track for your mobile to play when someone would ring you back. Direct downloading can be done with the help of a data cable; this will enable you to select a realtones from the extravagant list in the websites to be set as your new superphonic realtone.

Psyopus – Duct Tape Smile realtone

Realtones music explosion: relatoneSmile for the camera Oh she’s crying. Jesus To the lens focus Black mascara bleeds her face Smile for the camera While you are sliced to ribbons Scream for the camera Oh she’s pleading. Jesus For her pathetic life A starlet with a duct tape smile Scream camera Your inspiration focus is a shard in [...]

Bishop Lamont – Why U Wanna Piss Me Off realtone

Realtones music explosion: relatoneMy crack is working! [Chorus:] Why you wanna piss Bishop off like this? Da da da da da da You better stay off his dick and mind yo business Da da da da da da Homie it’s just too much money, why you actin’ greedy? Da da da da da da You better get down [...]

Atlanta Falcons – Falcons House realtone

Realtones music explosion: relatoneYou in the Falcons house now( Yeah, I know you can hear me, Atlanta( Get your hands in the air; come on(( Chorus Get your hands up (x3) Make some noise! ( Get your hands up (x3) Atlanta! (Get your hands up (x3) I said, make some noise! Get your hands up (x3) Atlanta! (( [...]

God Dethroned – Poison Fog realtone

Realtones music explosion: relatoneDominate, new technologies dominate the war Exterminate, Overthrow the enemy Asphyxiate, The call for retribution Vicious death creeping across the fields Mustard gas, a deadly hellish fiend A choking grip is locked around your neck Vomit blood. Your face turns grey. You are dead Nauseate. Malicious pain ripping through your lungs Degenerate. The weary crucifixion [...]

Pretty Ricky – Menage A Trois realtone

Realtones music explosion: relatoneLingerie (talking): Yea, I’m just sitting alone in this four cornered room playing with my guitar. I wanna try something new tonight, are you down? Chorus: Lets have a M’nage A Trios, you me and my guitar Lets have a M’nage a trios, you men and my guitar Hook: I’m stroking these guitar strings and [...]

The Veronicas – 4ever 2009 realtone

Realtones music explosion: relatoneHere we are so what you gonna do Do I gotta spell it out for you I can see that you got other plans for tonight But I don't really care Size me up you know I'll beat the best Tick tock no time to rest Let 'em say what they're gonna say but tonight, [...]

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How long will you stay bound in the shackles of polyphonic realtones and monophonic ringtones? Rise now! The era of MP3 realtones and real realtones has arrived. Mobile phones with the special feature of GPRS will enable you to download some of the marvelous songs from the unique collection of true realtones introduced by nokia realtones, LG realtones, Alltel realtones and blackberry realtones. A greater distribution of songs is also uploaded by various websites in the internet. If you are entitled with an accessory of data cable along with your handset, you can make use of it and download these free realtones directly from the internet. You can even download realtones if you have a feature of ring composer installed in your cell phones. Be prepared to listen to those happening tracks when somebody rings you back the next time. Share those realtones with your friends by using the technology of bluetooth engraved in your cell. So the period of irritation is completely over and period of joy is now in our hands, the choice is yours - joy or boredom!!